Re: Old tuners, modern equipment?

bill koski

I just finished hotrodding a Pioneer SX580 receiver for a friend.   When I got done recapping it and aligning it, the FM didn't have overly impressive quieting. I thought it may have been due to HD channel noise. It has 2 ceramic filters I pulled the one on the input and tested it and it had a -3db BW of 300 KHz. Probably was nominally a 280KHz?  I matched a pair of 180KHz filters to both have the same center frequency (they were about 10.745) and measured BW of 200KHz. I only replace the input one and tried it and now the background was near dead quiet. So I didn't even bother changing the 2nd filter. 
I hooked it into my main system like a tuner using the tape outs. I have a Marantz 10B in the system to compare it to. The Pioneer sounded ridiculously good! 
No it didn't sound AS good but it has great separation with a good sound stage. It sounded a bit dryer than the 10B and a little less dynamic. Vocals didn't pop quite as much.
But we're talking about a lower end Pioneer vs what is arguably one of the best tuners ever made (I know, your mileage may vary!) 
So yes old tuners can sound surprisingly good! In Chicago we are blessed with at least 3 stations that aren't totally over processed.  WXRT (rock) WFMT (classical) and WDCB (jazz/blues) 
With a good signal it's amazing how good FM CAN sound. 

BTW does anyone know if Pioneer had a tuner that was essentially the same as what was in the SX 580? 

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