KS Kucke T-22 selected TUNER FM/AM #file-notice


I'm sorry if tis is not the right place to... But for tuner's lovers... 
-> One of the best TUNER FM/AM (very musical!) ever built, despite it being 
almost unknown. MADE IN GERMANY.
In this test .. vs the very famous REVOX B-760 the Kucke was the winner!

Recently serviced, internal battery is replaced!
2700DM in 1981 (Today € 5500 / 6000 USD/ 4500 UKP)
I just ask 350 euro + shipping.

email for pict: znorter@...

Cechk here (in German) the review: kuecke.de/downloads/test_ks_t-22_audio_1981-03.pdf

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