Re: Old tuners, modern equipment?

James Callahan

Check the input/output  sensitivity on both . The Sony's output is 750mV  the Marantz input is 130mV so I would say the Sony will be playing loud . I read you can upgrade the op-amp in Sony for better sound . 

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I am an avid lurker to fm tuner info traffic, and had to ask about a recent tuner "experience".

I found myself lucky enough to have a Sony stj60 spare so I hooked it up to my home theater system which has a Marantz nr 1603 at its core.

The Marantz has always been good for "flash bang" movies, but music is not something it has ever reproduced well, no matter the input.  It's reproduction of non movie sound has been devoid of character,  the auditory equivalent of wallpaper paste for breakfast.

So imagine my shock when I hooked up the Sony and the sound coming out of the receiver was suddenly breathtaking!

I mean, even with the "flash bang" movies, it never sounded this spacious and authentic.

So I ask this group, is this how much better a wonderful old piece of equipment like this is than the tuner sections on modern equipment, or is there something else at play?

The specs on the tuner section of the Marantz aren't that different from the stj60 from what I can find,  but the sound is light years apart. 

Thanks for any info you can offer,


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