Re: Funding the FM Tuners Group

Mark Hubbard

Hi Bob,

I would be more comfortable sending you a personal check for $10, and for you to cover the annual cost on our collective behalf. To do so, I just need your name, mailing address and telephone number (don't worry, I'll never call you, but I prefer complete contact information). If you would do this for us, I'm sure others would be more than happy to chip in as needed each year. If you wind up with a surplus, you could apply it towards the following year's cost. Bookkeeping would be minimal; e.g. "As of September 15, 2021, we have $175 in our site hosting fund. We need approximately $XX in donations to keep going." You could keep the cash in an envelope. Minimal effort -- great satisfaction!

With kind regards,

Mark Hubbard
Eureka, California

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