Re: Marantz ST-6000 review and DIY

John Carpanini

Hi Mac,
  I see that Bob has already posted links to the DIY and Review on the TIC and I just uploaded a few pics I had so that should get you up to date.

Some additional info that might make the DIY a little better/easier,  if you are considering the OpAmp update you may want to look at the adapters used in the Yamaha T-85 DIY, they are a better choice than the Brown Dogs since you can orient the pin header to allow better clearance to other board components, an issue on the 6000.  Here's a link:

Also I'd bypass the Composite signal path caps  with  some 0.047 polypro films, Wima MKP2 caps work well here.

Have fun, and post back with any questions.



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