Re: Harman-Kardon F500 FM Tuner Restoration

Eric Benson

The Sony STA6B is the Japanese FM bandwidth version; check power too; you will need a 110v 50Hz to 120v 60Hz converter.  Your stations will be limited to only the lower range of US FM airwaves.

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Sony fm tuner   st a6b   is an fm tuner from the 70’s and just got one off ebay……....really nice spec accept for the tuning dial………….the specs state the fm tuning range is normal  89.    To 108  aprox.   The dial that this tuna has is 75-91 mghtz……….can anyone help explain…………thanks dave.   I don’t bother you people very often but this is a confusion to me.    Thanks   dave


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On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 03:00 PM, Joseph Strickland wrote:

Do we know if more of the boards for the LM4500 will become available?

I'll let you know, I may try a new supplier, should be a month or two most. The one I used was closed until things got better.


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