Re: Replacing NiCd battery in Sanyo Plus Series T 55 tuner


First the good news:

Another Batteries Plus Bulbs location was able to make up a new one for me.  They, like Bob, said the originals are 2/3 AA.  Unlike conventional batteries, these NiCads have rather flat positive terminals.

I measured the new battery and got 3.6 volts.  I installed it in the tuner and brought it up on a Variac just in case.

Now the bad news:

The memory function did not start working.  The tuner has six momentary ALPS switches, one selects a programmed station by pressing one of them in.  One of them seems to be stuck in the in position.

I did some listening and left it plugged in for a few nights, then installed it on a switched outlet.  The tuning no longer functioned at all!  Turning the knob produced no change.  Alas, 108.0 is not my favorite.

Powered it down and removed the battery; the tuning knob worked again.  The memory was programming not working, as one would expect.  Reinstalled the new battery, tuning knob still works, memory program not working :-).

Those six switches are not easily accessible without more disassembly.  As long as I can go from 89.5 to 91.5, I won't bother.

I suspect this unit has problems with the tuning circuit independent of the battery.  I may up selling it as a parts/repair unit.  If it continues to function, I will try to write a detailed report on the sound.  KBAQ, the IBOC station from hell, does need the narrow IF, as does the Pioneer TX-9500 II and Marantz ST 6000.  That station has IBOC problems on lots of good tuners.

Thanks to all for your help!

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