Not to say it was the case with this particular individual, but I know of other that as demand increased, this other company started to add staff that was lower cost and less setup a bit of a factory floor to handle more units at the same time under the recognized name. Yet the true expert didn't even have time to review the work before it was sent back to the owner. So this one I'm thinking of went from a 1 person shop to a 4 person shop without disclosure and the quality suffered. The case I'm referring to goes back a few years when Mod shops were popping up everywhere on the web especially for CD player & DAC modifications... adding tube output stages and such. FM tuner modifications has never really flourished. Most shops that knew how to do alignments never ventured into modifications because the costs were too high in labor. And many have since sold their test gear and retired. I knew of one that was really a car head unit repair center for the big brands (because the CD portion or the tape portion would need repairing) but even that stopped as head units have really changed and became more disposable than repairable. So he closed because the repair part shrank so much he could not stay open just with FM alignments.

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