Re: Rotel RT-1084 Help Needed


Adding an update and some pictures.  I took out the tuner module(broke some things along the way) and removed the shields.

The tuner board has a top and bottom, pictures are attached and labeled as such.  The coils are on the top.

After I put it back together I tweaked some coils and eventually got it to where my preferred station would come in quickly in HD.  The coil on the lower left of the board seemed to increase volume of the analog singal.  The coil on the upper right (Red circle) seemd to effect ability to lock in HD reception.  All stations still show one bar in Analog mode.  This was a very unscientific process (obviously without test equipment)

I'm pretty certain this thing is seriously out of alignment or has a bad part somewhere, or both.   Without a service manual not sure of a way forward but as my preferred station is working could use this as an HD tuner for a spare room.

My hopeful side thinks this thing could still be salvaged.  Any further ideas from the experts appreciated.


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