well, it's been a lot of years since i've used joseph chow's services, and i had very good results.  15 years ago, he converted a japan-spec acuphase t109 for me, and upgraded it as well.  the work was very good.  a couple years later, i had him convert a japan-spec sansui tu-x1 for me, he also upgraded it.  again, i was pleased with the work.  in fact, a couple years later, when i started hearing audible crackling noises in the audio output, i sent it back to him, and he replaced aging caps that were causing the noise.  i was only out the shipping costs to get it back to him.  no, i did not have him go through the entire tuner, replacing everything the 1st time around - i can only imagine what it would cost to do that to a tuner like the tu-x1.

perhaps his efforts have diminished more recently?  i would suggest reaching out to him directly with any issues you may have had.  in my experience, he always tried to make things right.


doug s.

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 12:42 PM, Mark Hubbard wrote:
Unfortunately, I too have had negative experiences with Mr. Chow's work. A few years ago he sold me a modified Music Hall mmf-25 CD player, supposedly having upgraded parts and enabling it to be used as a digital transport with an external DAC as well as a stand-alone CD player. As a CD player, it worked for a while and then lost output to the right channel. I took off the cover and noticed a small component that he added had become unsoldered at one end. A local repair shop was recently able to resolder the joint for me at a cost of $50, but when I try to use the mmf-25 as a transport, it doesn't work at all. Add to that the difficulty I had getting the unit in the first place (requiring threatening him with a bad review on Audiogon before he finally shipped it to me), and I too cannot recommend his "upgrades." I'm only out about $400 altogether, and the CD player works as such, but I would not buy equipment or services from him again. Your mileage may vary.

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