Bruce Carter grunge filter

Radu Bogdan Dicher

Hody all,
And Happy belated Thanksgiving to all those celebrating.

Needing some clarification on Bruce Carter's grunge filter. My understanding is this is a decoupling solution on steroids, covering just about anything that can infiltrate DC these days. Therefore, if intending to apply this, I'd get the power supply rails of the AF stages decoupled with something like 0.1uF/0.01uF/1nF/33pF in parallel, as close to the op amp (if applicable) as possible, on Vcc/GND. 

I am applying this to a Gamma I and get cancellation of signal in (no movement on meters, etc.). I don't think I am shorting anything to ground by adding these parts. 

Attaching pictures - I hope they hop on. 

Thank you for your input!

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