Re: Mac MR78 down to #36 of 40 in TIC shootout ...

Charles Peterson <charlesp@...>

I believe these tests are honest, and done as reported by a sincere and
well organized (much better than me, anyway) and critical audiophile of
many years standing.

But of course, they are just one person's impression. And they are not
done under blind conditions or (as far as I have read) systematic level

Therefore, don't take this too seriously. I don't. It's fun, but only
until people start taking it too seriously.

I'm willing to bet $10 that no one can even hear the difference, statistically
significant (p < 0.05), between an MR 78 under level-matched blind conditions
and any other tuner above it, both performing normally, on Jim's list on a
strong local stations that comes in well on both tuners. (I'd bet a lot more,
say $50, if I were observing the procedings or had some other way to be sure
they were actually done correctly.) Of course, a full report on FMtuners would
be required, and offer is limited to the first 5 people who report such a

Unlike some other things, such as modern power amplifiers, there are significant
frequency response variations, probably exceeding 1dB in many cases. But I
myself have been amazed at how hard even such easily measured differences are to
hear consistently in music without, say, days of well-designed practice.

(And given that, I am even more suspicious of the audible difference of
tweaks having with no measureable difference or sound theoretical basis.)


I'm pretty sure that the MR78 Jim tried out had been aligned within
the past two years. Jim can correct me if I am wrong.

Steven Bobenhouse <steve@f...> wrote:
I wonder what a good allignment would do. the factory always did a
pretty fair job.


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