Re: The next SHOOTOUT is up!

Thrassyvoulos Papadopoulos <stu32294@...>

Hi Ray,

yes, I am a proud owner of an astonishing FT-5500 Mk.2, but as you may have already noticed, `t was not myself, but Miklos who got the Sanyo Plus T-55. Maybe a sample of the latter will be tuner number 23 chez Thrassyvoulos one of these days.
Afa the neighbours are concerned they don`t even know what a Hitachi FT-5500 Mk.2 is, those poor fellas... 8-)

At 17:55 10.10.03, you wrote:
--- In FMtuners@..., Thrassyvoulos Papadopoulos
> Ray,
> there is also another member of the group who just snatched a Plus
T-55 for
> ridiculous money. Maybe he will report, too, when he gets it!
> Best,
> Thrassyvoulos

Hello Thrassyvoulos,
Does this member of which you speak not also possess an FT-5500MKII?
What greater good fortune could befall one?  I suspect all his
neighbors can receive nothing as his antenna, hooked to such powerful
signal retrievers, literally suck all the FM radiated emmissions from
the sky!

Good on you,

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