Where's the MR77 IF switch? Short rant on Mut

Charles Peterson <charlesp@...>

Now that the MR78 trades for a small fortune on eBay, the lesser MR77 is
getting attention as a near-equal substitute. When I get around to buying
costlier tuners, this model is near the top of my list.

I see one closing out today on eBay, in fact, currently at $400.

But where oh where is the IF selectivity switch? There doesn't appear to
be such a switch on the front panel, only mode selector, stereo filter,
muting, volume, and tuning.

If it's tied to the muting switch, I hope you get the narrow bandwith in the
"Muting Off" position. In most cases, I think the proper selection for muting

I note that the ultimate selectivity is significantly (if not substantially)
better on the MR78. MR78 maximum adjacent channel selectivity is 55dB while
MR77 adjacent channel selectivity is "only" 47dB, a full 8dB difference. Of
course, even 47dB is pretty incredible adjacent channel selectivity, with even
other "supertuners" like my Sansui TU-9900 only specing at 22dB.

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