Re: NAD 4150 & 4155

dilbert duvall <daveyst@...>

 I agree with Ray's Proton AT-670 Schotz noise reduction circuitry assessment.  I also found it has only a slight, and deleterious at that, effect.  (Otherwise I like the AT-670 for its refined controls and fine-tuning, along with excellent sensitivity).  However, the benefit of the Schotz circuitry is quite noticeable on the Proton 440.  Best FM noise reduction I've heard, and without noticeable affect on tuning.
  Unlike the early Dolby noise reduction systems, the Schotz, according to Audio magazine of July 1985, works by blending both channels during quiet passages, or pauses, in the music.  The blend is therefore not a forced, full-time treble reduction as with typical circuits, but a dynamic compression that is removed during louder passages, or stronger signals, restoring stereo separation and treble.
works for me...
Dave N

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