Re: To restore a Philops AH-673 or go tubular?

John Carpanini

Hi Keith,

Not to turn this around on you, BUT I think if you tell us some of your preferences and things you find important in what you expect, the answer becomes pretty straight forward. Also your location & market, urban or suburban figure in.

Things like how far to your typical broadcast stations. Are the stations you listen to also transmit HD side channels. Are things like channel separation and image depth important. Is background noise/tube hiss a hot button for you? Is the dial crowded in your market? What typical type of music do you listen to? Do you like solid tight bass, sweet high end or nicely layered midrange? I think you already stated that stereo was wanted, so that leaves out the mono stuff. Do you typically like the warmer tube sound or the leaner SS perspective?

So many questions to consider, but even a few preferences would help.


Which vintage or modern day stereo tube tuner would best a fully restored
Philops AH-673 Solid state tuner?

Thanks for replying
and I hope we get a ton of discussion...rocker...AKA...Keith

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