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hi all,

the specs on my h/k citation 18 indicate a frequency response
of "10hz
to 50khz (before de-emphasis)". what's this mean? (19khz & 38khz
rejection are rated at 61db, fwiw.) while i *do* tink this tuna
(modded), has about the best frequency extension in my limited
tuna-sampling experience, the treble extension spec really has me


doug s.
Hi- they are talking about the "composite response" of what the
demodulator (ratio detector - quad detector) is, including any
effects from the IF strip.

The response should be as linear as possible from just a few Hz to 70
or 80 kHz for best stereo separation, and fidelity.

A typical late model analog FM exiter will have a frequency response
of +/- 0.5 dB 2Hz to 100 kHz, with no more than 1 degree of phase
error. That will make it possible to transmit a signal with 65 dB of
separation at 1 kHz.

Bill Ammons

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