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I don't know if I ever posted this. It was awhile ago and I don't
remember anymore. But you can stuff an LED into the bulb holders
without a lot of difficulty. The Blue LEDs are the most expensive
ones, but at only about $10 or $15 to buy them all piecemeal at
RatShack, it won't run you broke by any means. Don Scott shouldn't
have any difficulty figuring out which LEDs and resistors to use,
but I'll check it out anyway. Expect a post Sunday or thereabouts..
if I remember to check it. =)

Incidentally, I highly recommend the blue. It makes this tuner look
brand new and looks totally cool.

Best regards,


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Yes! Yes! Yes! I was wondering about whether I could switch the
color of the lamps! Don Scott will be doing the work on my unit as
I have no idea what I'm doing. Are there any adverse effects of
using lamps other than the stock ones? I'm a neophyte when it comes
to all of this... How do you go about finding all of this info in
the archives? A T2 search doesn't really come up with much...

Thanks guys..
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