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I've been lurking the list for a week or so. I'm an audiophile
that has been
playing around with FM for the past several years. I live 35 miles
north of
downtown San Diego, CA in Escondido. LA is 100 mi NW. Needless to
say, there
are plenty of stations within reach. Unfortunately I live in a
town house
and cannot mount an antenna on a pole."

But Andy if you call it a CH 6 antenna, which it will be, no local
or state
rule can stop you.

this is an FCC ruling, and I don't even live in the same
hemisphere as you!

This ignores the fact that it may still cost you a small fortune in
legal fees, and incur the wrath of many of your neighbors. Also what
if there isn't a channel 6 station in the area?

Hmm, if the FCC rules are on your side you should be able to recover
your legal expenses in defending your rights and this argument may
deter the HOA or local authorities from trying to take action against
you.... maybe?

WRT Ch 6, the rule mentions a 1 meter diameter limit which is pretty
small. Ch 6 elements would exceed 1 meter and for a boom length, 1
meter is pretty short for DXing.


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