Sansui TU-X1 VS. Fanfare FT-1 VS. Fisher 200C

tuckers_kahuna <johnh@...>

I got a Sansui TU-X1 the other week. Nice almost perfect and
functioning perfectly.

I have tested it in my system extensively. Overall, the Sansui
provides the cleanest signal I have heard. The soundstage is
incredibly layered, and you can hear the room a broadcaster is
speaking from much clearer than others I have heard.

Bass is a bit weak on my sample, and dynamics somehwat anemic. Also
there is sibilance that comes and goes on some stations. While at
the same time the highs are the best I have heard in a tuner. The
biggest downside is how mounstrous this tuner is. It's the biggest
component I have in a pretty big rig. The Sansui is amazing also
because it's wide and narrow filters sound alsmost indetitcal, with
Wide having slightly more extension on top.

The Fisher was my previous sonic king, but tunes poorly here in San
Francisco. it had a nice laidback sound, and very much a 'you are
here' quality to it. The Sansui is better in all areas, except the

The Fanfare FT-1 is something I picked up used recently. It's
really quite a nice tuner. I think it's maligned too much based on
it's retail price. But as a used piece, it holds up really well
against $500 competition. It does tune very well in San Francisco,
picking up KQED (my achilles heel) almost perfectly. The Sansui
does a bit better, but not by much. Bass and dynamics are better
than the Sansui (better power supply?) . It sounds a bit too rolled
off on the top for my taste. It does not cast the amazing large and
layered soundstage of the Sansui. The soundstage is quite good, but
is shallower, and stays between the speakers. It sounds best in
Wide mode, and DX mode degrades soundstage and rolls off top even
more (but works well for tuning). Overall very listenable and
smooth, great tuning. The digital tuning sucks though as it is only
in .50 increments. (It's an analog tuner, with some digital tunig

I will be getting a KT8300 modified by Antennae Performance soon,
and it will be interesting to see how the TU-X1 will stack up
against a modified KT8300.

Any idea who is best person to mod the Sansui? I hear the sibilance
can be minimized by replacing caps, and the power supply can be

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