Klein +Hummel K+H FM2002 and Reinhard Wieschhoff-van Rijn.

Thrassyvoulos Papadopoulos <stu32294@...>

Hi all,

the editor of TIC is asking who is Wieschhoff and what about the
FM2002. I have not owned this tuner so the following is according to
what I have read or heard about it. Until someone more experienced
and knowledgeable than me posts something better about this tuner
here is some basic information:
The Klein und Hummel K+H FM 2002 was designed in 1974 and appeared on
the shelves the following year. It is the Holy Grail of most German
and other European tuner fans. Only 850 pieces were ever sold (it was
very expensive for that time) so it is extremely rare, although it
appears 2-3 times a year on eBay (800-1450 euros). It had 5 gangs and
21 filters (the literal translation of what I have read is "coil"
filters). Its main strength is considered to be its IF part.
The designer was Reinhard Wieschhoff-van Rijn (pronounced Rhinehard
Veesh-hoff fan Rhine) who has a great reputation among tuner fans
over here (he also designed the front end of the Burmester tuner and
of the top Restek tuners among others).
The FM 2002 stock selectivity is claimed by many to be one of the (if
not THE) best in the world. Under the merciless central european
receiving conditions (so many stations thrown so close to each other)
it has beaten tuners such as the Revox B-260, the Technics ST-G 90
and many other top tuners of the 80s and early 90s in tests conducted
by serious audiophile magazines. The intriguing thing is that this
selectivity is improved considerably if modified in the narrow by the
designer R. Wieschhoff-van Rijn. A knowledgeable guy has told me
recently that Wieschhoff still offers the mod and another one that he
modifies other top tuners, too. K+H are still there but out of the
audio business since 1981.
Sensitivity is great with virtually zero overload problems. The sound
is also claimed to be impressive by many (even in the narrow), but at
least one experienced audiophile guy (a Sansui fan) told me he found
the sound "too technical".
I hope this sheds at least some light.


P.S. Wega has produced many different tuner models but the Zero is so
rare it is almost invisible %>I

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