Re: What is a "romantic tuner" ?


The KT-7500 becomes more romantic if you dim the lights ;-) I used
#53 lamps colored blue with magic marker.

--- In, "newaag" <bob@f...> wrote:
I think our format is pretty much locked in for now.
In general, I think most of the tube tuners tend be "romantic"
And I can't say why. I used the term to describe what I hear from
KT-8005 tuner.
What do others think?

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I often get this warm or warmer and relaxing feeling when
listening to
music through my audio. "Seducted by" may be appropriate. Some
tuners just have that extra ability, some compositions, as well
and in
combination. Just a WHY NOT suggestion there be a category for
"Romantic Tuners" or has this been addressed previously and
completely? Is a Shootout for this possible, or review and
the existing information enough or not of interest the group?

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