Re: McIntosh MR78...As good as it gets?

William Corbin

I have to agree with your comments about the MR78. I
got mine in very good condition (especially
cosmetically) back in February. I just had the full
Modafferi treatment done in June. (By the way, Richard
put the gold RCA connectors on both the fixed and
variable outputs, though this was done because of a
screw-up by audioclassics, read my post of 2 weeks ago
for the gory details ). I highly recommend you get
the yagi to explore the full potential of your tuner.

I promised this group I would give my impressions on
what improvements I noticed with the Modafferi mods.
First, the tuner has less drift on warming up.
Previously it would drift about the full width of the
center section of the tuning meter. Now the max drift
is about a quarter to half that.

Sound quality is great. It's hard to attach sound
differences since I can't A/B an unmodified MR78 vs
the modified. I can though compare the sound to a
Yamaha TX-930 I own. The Yamaha sounds much more
constricted or stuffy in the mid to high range. This
range has a crystal clarity on the MR78. Selectivity
is no contest. With just the narrow filter I can tune
stations on the MR78 that are impossible with the
Yamaha. I still have the super narrow position which
is able to zero in on even more stations. And yes the
three way stereo blend switch is very nice at
decreasing the noise on marginal stereo signals. I
wish I had more tuners to compare against. I envy
Charles in that regard. At some point I plan to
increase my collection of 'vintage' tuners (don't want
the wife to see this message though ;-).

Bill Corbin
AD 5421

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