Re: Any experience/info re: Harman/Kardon Citation 18 tuner?

Mike Zuccaro

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blundry@... writes:

<< al, as I'm a little
confused about a few of the controls. I'd also like to hear about any
firsthand experiences with this tuner, and how people think it
compares sonically to its competitors from Kenwood, Sansui, Marantz,
MacIntosh, Accuphase, etc. Look forward to hearing from you guys...
Nameless guy:
If you like it, that's what counts. Nice tuner, I've worked on a few of
them. You will find it should fill you every need, and the money you spent on
the fix was well spent. It would cost far more than that to make that tuner
today. Always assume whatever you buy used, on ebay or garage sales or
swapmeets, or whatever, will need some (or a lot!) of repiar unless you've
checked it out first, or it's sold with a guarantee.

Got a name,or did you mother name you Blundry?
Mike Zuccaro

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