Re: More on KT-8300 op amp upgrades--Fixed Mine!

the_indominatable_rhyno <rzcolem@...>

just tried this on my KT8300. fixed the high speed whirring that was
active whenever there was a stereo signal (this problem was a result
of upgrading IC 11 & 13 to BB2604 opamps).

oh btw, check AC to ground...found that my KT8300 have VAC of 97.9 in
+, but 34 when -. you can fix this easy by taking off the bottom
panel and swapping where the two power cord leads attach...

listening impressions will be coming in the next few days...seems to
be singing far beyond the $130 i have invested...


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In a message dated 4/4/02 10:14:48 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< 20kohm. You want to try soldering
a 10 to 100 pF cap directly across the leads of these 4 feedback
resistors listed above. For experimenting, use any cap available,
even ceramic. If this improves the sound, you have eliminated a
frequency problem, most likely oscill >>
And very short leads- at 100mc even small caps can be resonant.
Bad news.
Use the smallest micas you can find.

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