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Petr Suchomel

Saturday and Sunday, I have 100% confidence that no. It will be pure old times.
Monday if I am at DM28 then no, if I am at confluence, maybe.
If I have internet, than slack, rover-raregrid channel.
73, --Petr AG6EE

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On Apr 30, 2020, at 6:07 PM, John W9JN <jfw9jn@...> wrote:

Hi Petr     Will you have any internet?  If yes, what venue will you use please for your reports? Above all,, please be safe and have fun!  73  John W9JN EN54


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The worst part, it is usually station which is +24 on each and whole sequence. I think it is just another Murphy's law. Still not as good as some station on 160m calling me over and over so at the end I changed to 80m,

when I returned couple hours later, the station was still calling me - the conditions meanwhile improved, so QSO passed I was cut free :D.


I will try to be in air as soon as I could possibly be. It is 9 hours drive without stops, so if I manage to set up in the middle of the night, I could be up between 6 - 7am local time, if not, about an hour later.


One more thing: I have realized, that DM28/29/38/39 confluence is somewhat accessible, I guess my 4Runner would not care about couple extra scratches so if I feel like DM28 is still too much under snow, I will simply cut it to confluence.

73, --Petr AG6EE


On 4/30/2020 5:33 PM, Mike ZooLoo via wrote:

Petr, of these grids I will need DM27. I hope to work you Saturday morning. I assume you will be sending first sequence. Any idea approximately what time you will start?


BTW: Leaving one's rig unattended sending "73" for a hour is not really working someone. Things like that add reasons to those wanting to give WSJT a bad reputation.



Jim (AA0MZ)


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