Petr Suchomel

Good new, bad news,

The bad news are small news, I was planning to hit the road today and rove till Sunday which is not going to happen - unfortunately I am dead busy at work (which I'd better to hold on now), so I will probably go on Friday and show on Saturday morning. In any case, I will give the day 1,2,3,4 list, when I start, it will be the day 1.

Day 1:
Gridline DM17/27, I will be signing in as DM27 (should I call in from DM17, I am not on gridline), This is a bit interesting as long as the most of gridline is in Area 51, that few miles extending to north are super dusty (alkaline and probably a bit radioactive). Gonna spend a day, 6m + 2m, attempting EME when moon is up in afternoon, unless I have Es, than everything goes to 6m.
Day 2:
DM28. This could be tricky start wise, snow can stop me. There should not be a full snow coverage, but I recall unscalable 10+ft slabs in DM19 last year. Note I can switch to DM27.
Day 3:
DM27. As above, snow could be a problem.  Note I can switch to DM28. I will call it for a day and try to sneak to Utah through back roads
Day 4:
DM38/39 gridline, shutting around noon, it is 10+ hours drive home, returning through DM29, DM19, should there be some major opening, I'd better leave antenna in 4 pieces for quick deploy until I get to DM09.

Current expectation. Day 1 - Saturday, Day 4 - Tuesday, this puts me on spot of meteor shower

MSK 50.265 (sh off!!!!), FT8 50.313/50.303 back up, FT4 50.318, 2m default MSK frequency (sh on!!!)


Using NA contest mode. Please switch to NA contest mode before you call me!
You: AG6EE <your_call> <your_grid>
Me: <your_call> <my_call> R DM27
You: RR73

Here we are done! I will give you 73 once, but do not call me forever, if you see me calling CQ again or other station, it means you are done. Do not expect confirmation you are in log through Slack or any other means, I will not have an internet for most of time, but on contrary, all location in Nevada are usually super quiet. Many stations which do not have a single decode from me I can hear on every sequence.

Please, I do not have much options to tell you something is wrong. Several usual problems:

1) someone calls me and then I could not decode. Person turned on "sh" which is not being used on 6m/ completely off time (record was 7.5 second) / off frequency / calling CQ 260 all over again etc.

2) Someone forgets to turn their receiver. Usually happens with stations which are +24 on full sequence, no matter if I use 1kW to reply, I could not move on. All I can do, turn everything off, make a coffee, make a lunch, open beer and return one hour later to band only to realize that stations still gives me 73 all over again, practically wiping everyone else. Either set your time out to 3 minutes or sit next radio please - this has happened several times to me. It sometimes can help to turn off noise blanker.

3) I will really depend that you can self coordinate, if things go as 1 or 2, all I can do is to turn off and wait it out.

Cross your fingers,

73, --Petr AG6EE

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