In 1995, Fred Fish, W5FF (SK), completed the amazing achievement of working and confirming all 488 grid squares in the contiguous 48 states on the 6 meter band.

A Yahoo! group was established in 2007 to develop an amateur radio operating award for duplicating Fred's achievement. As a result of our efforts, the ARRL established in early 2008 the Fred Fish Memorial Award as a part of the VUCC program.  As Yahoo! groups was shut down this groups.io account was created to take its place. 

FFMA #1 was awarded posthumously to Fred Fish through his wife Lee, K5FF, at the Texoma Hamarama in Ardmore, OK, on October 25th, 2008.

The new thrust of the FFMA Yahoo! / groups.io group is to help others duplicate Fred's achievement by earning FFMA #2 and onward. All radio amateurs interested in 6-meter grid chasing are encouraged to join this group. Sharing your experiences, information, and current grid totals is strongly encouraged! Please include your callsign and a brief summary of your 6-meter interests in your membership application. All applications will be reviewed by the owner/moderator (Paul Kiesel, K7CW). Membership requires having an amateur radio license. Applicants can (a) have their callsign as part of their email address, like many of us do or (b) add their callsign in the "Comments" box).

October 25, 2008: Fred Fish W5FF (SK) posthumously granted FFMA #1.

July 8, 2008: Pat Rose W5OZI granted FFMA #2.

July 30, 2008: Rick Roderick K5UR granted FFMA #3.

June 29, 2011: Mark Ammann KMØA granted FFMA #4.

July 28, 2011: Tom Johnson WD5K granted FFMA #5.

October 27, 2015: Larry Lambert N0LL granted FFMA #6.

October 27, 2015: Lance Collister W7GJ granted FFMA #7.

July 10, 2019: Scott Armstrong AA5AM granted FFMA #8.

July 17, 2019:  Ralph Smith W4UDH granted FFMA #9

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