2021 January FCP Members' Achievements

FCP Admin

Fellow Contesters,

The attached 2021 January FCP Members' Achievements is a report of significant FCG members’ accomplishments in the Frequent Contester Program. It also reports which contests have been popular with our members and provides a number of miscellaneous statistics.

Also attached are the FCG FCP Summary lists. Because members have indicated that they are competitive and wanted ranked lists, there are four lists: in callsign, scores, hours and number of contests orders. You can now compete in three categories: Scores, Hours and Number of Contests. This combination of status information will allow you to see where you are in the current program.

The final list is the year-to-date contest statistics

Near the end of the month, I will issue the 2021 March RadioSport Highlights, a summary of the approved FCP contests that are scheduled for the coming month. This report will enable you to plan what you need to do to reach the next award plateau.

Contest ebulliently.

73 es OJ,

Stan Zawrotny, K4SBZ
Administrator, FCG Frequent Contester Program

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