Net on Tuesday evening  7-9 pm on one of the local repeaters  (see below)

The Five County Digital Training Net, FCDTN, supports digital mode training for the five counties of Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia.

We use the local repeater
     Bucktown  147.270  + offset,  PL 77 Hz
     Roxborough  (same as above) - not active right now 2021

We also on occasions use  ZOOM  to discuss various issues or invite a guest speaker.
Recent guest speakers have been  John KL4YFD, the author of the new alpha FLDIGI modes  OFDM, 
and  W3QA  Lor Kutchins, member of development team for Winlink.
We are looking for new speakers, so contact Ron NY3J  or  Barry K3EUI  with suggestions.

The purpose of the Five County Digital Training net is to investigate and become proficient using programs like
Fldigi/FLMSG/FLAMP, Winlink, MMSSTV, WSJT-X, JSCALL, WSPR, and others as they are developed.
We recently spent a lot of time learning about the Winlink mode   VARA   (both HF SSB and VHF/UHF FM).
Download  VARA HF  and  VARA FM  at  EA5HVK  web page.

We try to coordinate our net with the needs of the local  ARES/RACES  county net controls.

Moderators:   NY3J  Ron (Bensalem PA)  and  K3EUI  Barry (West Chester PA)

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