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For All Paws Sake (FAPS) Animal Rescue/Transport Network

Saving the lives of dogs and sometimes cats at shelters/rescues in WV, eastern KY and a few other areas. Please join and help us save lives!


This is the mailing list for our supporters and anyone who would like to help us get the word out by networking on social media and via email as well as donating/sponsoring animals currently in the care of our various rescue and shelter members. We welcome supporters, rescues in northeastern US states, shelters/sending rescues in WV, eastern KY, eastern OH, and from other areas if you are able to reach Hagerstown MD by 1 pm on a Saturday. We also welcome and actively recruit drivers to help with our transports. Please visit the link above for more information and links to our membership applications.  Anyone can join this mailing list, but in order to become a shelter/rescue/driver member you must to to the link above and submit the relevant application. New users on this list are moderated to keep out spammers.



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