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This list has been created to assist genealogy researchers of the
Endicott surname and possible variants and mis-spellings which include: Ancott, Ancutt, Andecott, Andicott, Andycott, Annacot, Annacotte, Anscott, Edecot, Eddicott, Edycott, Endacot, Endacote, Endacott, Endcott, Endecot, Endecote, Endecott, Endecotte, Endercott, Endicoate, Endicot, Endicote, Endicott, Endicotte, Endicourt, Endict, Endicut, Endicutt, Endycott, Enicot, Enicott, Entacott, Entecott, Entecoot, Entecott, Enticot, Enticott, Enticotte, Entrecott, Indacot, Indecht, Indecot, Indecut, Indercot, Indescot, Indicott, Indycott, Indicut, Indicutt, Indycut, Inticott, Intococh, Yendicot, Yendicote, Yendicott and Ynndecote. For other spelling variants, see the longer list in the files section.

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