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Welcome to The Enchanted World of Tags.

We are a tag offering group where you get tags rated G-SAC. I am the only tagger so offers will vary according to my schedule.  I deliver tags via fotki, or will mail them back if you ask ONLY if you ask.

Members must request at least two tags per month. I'm not saying you have to request everything or even tags that you don't like but if you can not find at least 2 tags you like in a whole month then you probably never will so you might as well not be here. Since I am the only tagger membership will be limited. I will be removing inactive members to make room for the active ones.

There may be roll call from time to time. If there is, all members should respond. If they don't it will be assumed they are no longer interested and will be removed. If you are removed and have a valid reason for missing roll call you can come back.

Some days you may get a lot of offers, some none at all like I said you get tags according to my schedule. I may put offers on fotki instead of send them to group so it's important that you tell me if you can not use fotki or go there to view tag offers.

Please take time to read the rules and find out if this group is right for you. Read the rules before joining and if you do not agree or won't follow them then there's no point in joining.

1) All members must request in order to stay active. Why be here if you never request? You do not need to request everything if you don't like it but surely you can find something that you do like.

2) If there is a problem tell the owners or unsub. Do not start fight with other members. We want a peaceful group.

3) All members must be on Single Subscription.  This way you can be sure to get each message as it arrives. If you need to be No mail you must tell the owner.

Being on special notice or Digest is NOT recommended in this group and may result in your removal if caught.  If you are bouncing and do not respond to reactivation notices you will be removed after 2 weeks. There's no point in being here if you can't get mail. If you are on NO mail you will be removed after 2 weeks. There's no point in being here if you can't get mail.

With only 3 little rules members are expected to follow them all. Any member not following rules will be removed without warning.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you inside,

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