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Mission Statement:
The Emerald Coast Pagan CommUnity is based in Panama City, Florida. 
We are an active CommUnity of individuals, affiliated groups, businesses, and organizations of many paths and followings that have come together for the purpose of helping all Emerald Coast Pagans to connect online and offline, for networking, meeting like-minded individuals, with educational opportunities and increased public awareness, as we assemble to connect Spiritually with one another.

Core Values Statement:
Emerald Coast Pagan Community strives to be a place of perfect love and perfect trust for personal growth and self-definition in an eclectic setting.


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1.  ALL new Membership applicants must fill out and return our Membership Application Questionnaire before Membership will be approved.  You will be emailed our Membership Application Questionnaire and FAQ's IMMEDIATELY after your request to join.  Please check your spam folder for this email.  If you do not receive these materials within 4 hours, please contact us at the email address below.
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If you experience any difficulty accessing our Group, please contact us at our email at:   EmeraldCoastPaganCommUnity+owner@groups.io


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