Why I will not use Acorn to upgrade my

James Spence

Just scanned over this post  after being pinged all day,
In all honesty they are have there good points and bad there is no wrong way to do it, it's all down to budget I have seen someone to a retrofit with a low end industrial control and it's nice unit  and that's what I would use but some people want to use a pc for there hobby work to have there cad system on the same pc etc  and have abit of a play if your serious about making production parts maybe not the best machine but with a industrial control a very cheep production machine in a small foot print, 
Can we please drop this? 
And maybe  create a new thread for acorn controls ? Save the confusion of users of the group 
Regards james

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I never said that. And I feel more like the anti-Christ. But come to think of it, Windows cannot work and I know what I am talking about. Since there is so much hostility here to those who have different ideas, I will refrain from future posts.