Stepper Only Move Fast, Can't Move Slow - Compact 5 CNC


Hello all!

I just got a Compact 5 CNC, but the stepper motors won't move slow. I can use the rapid function and move both axes quickly. When I try to move them slow, they stall. Since it happens to both, I'm assuming it is an electronics issue with the main board, but I have no idea. Anyone experience this before?

I was thinking of completely replacing the electronics on the machine, but if I didn't have to, I'd like to avoid it.

Also, my tool changer doesn't lock properly. It will spin it to the next tool, but doesn't hold the position. I can wiggle around 5 degrees back and forth. Any ideas?



Look for the 10V output on the power supply, perhaps a fuse is blown or the voltage is to low. The capacitor may be defective.
In the manual it says on page 9,5: no 10V supply, 50 V existing ; slides can only be traversed in rapid feed.
e1 and e2 are the fuses for 10V.

Download the maintenance manual, power supply etc from the "Files" for a lot of information on failures and measuring points.
In "Files" you can find nearly any document for the C5.



I had a similar problem and posted the solution here: