Over heating?

Dan Furlano

Hello everyone,

I have a compact 5 and it starts up normally then I turn the spindle on and let it run. After 5 minutes or so the controller turns off and I have nothing.  I try resetting with the emergency switch but when I turn the key to the on position I get nothing.  After another 5 minutes or so it works.

Although one time I had the spindle off and switched it on and I heard a pop (like a fuse) and it turned off. Again I just waited and it turn on again.

Could it be its over heating?  What can I check (I am a neophyte) so please be explicit.


Dan Furlano

Dan Furlano

I took the back panel off to give it a look and it started and ran fine.  I made a few parts and it did not shut off.

I guess I need to add another fan?



Hi Dan,

There is a filter, look if its not simply clogged-up.