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I actually got lucky when I bought mine from an auction house,  it had the software and the interface card for windows 98 P.C.



Bobby Wade


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Not that it really makes any difference to your needs but the PC50 machines use the RS232 board and the PC55 machines the RS485.

Sadly too many educational machines get separated from the computer which has the RS board. People who have the task of disposing of the equipment do not realise that the computer with the RS board is an integral part of the machine.

A machine without its RS board is therefore of reduced value.

If contact with the college is available, can you ask if the computer is still on site.


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No, the RS485 card is proprietary for these machines. Retrofit would be best, check out Centroid acorn.
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 you for the reply. I was wondering if there was another way
 of getting them to work. Can code be entered directly from a
 PC using a more modern cad cam program?

 On Fri, Oct 5, 2018 at 2:25 AM, David Rabenius via
 wrote:   These need a RS485 Card to use, no longer
 available from EMCO. The MSD disks can be provided by EMCO,
 Winnc not sure as these are so old now that you will need a
 Win98 operating system.
 Look on Youtube as people have been using Lineux.
 what are you planning on making??
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 4, 2018, 10:23 PM

  I just got an Emco turn
 50 from a
 They never used it but it did run.  It
  doesn't have a
 computer or any type of control keypad.
  It is also missing the
 power cord, but that looks like a
  standard desktop cord.  My question is, where do
  start? What do I
 need? Can I run it from a PC?  This is
  all very new and any help
 is appreciated!