Emco Turn 50 Error 6013: MAIN DRIVE NOT READY


I get this error sometimes out of the blue, but today because the spindle load got too high.(Chips were clogging around the spindle).; If I reset it goes away for 5 seconds. If I reboot I get no errors but the spindle will not rotate.  If I leave the machine for a couple of hours its ready again most of the time. What can this be?


Emco Turn 50 Error 6013: MAIN DRIVE NOT READY

Im using WinCAM turn


David Rabenius

Try turning the chuck a few revolutions, maybe the encoder has something to do with the spindle position. You will have to rezero the machine as well.On my PCmill50 if it alarms out for overload sometimes it takes 2 reboots to reset to run again.


Code 6013 could be bad power the main drive both 24 & 5 v or mains. Bad connections in plugs. bad transistor that get hot and are thermaly protecte take a look of link pdf codes are the same. From what you describe it sound like thermaly & or the motor drive shutdown because of low voltage/higher current