Emco 120P for sale - Colorado


Hi folks, I'm selling my 120P lathe, and wanted to post it here first. Asking $1200 to move quickly. It is located in Boulder, Colorado, and while I can't arrange full freight services, I'd be happy to work with your freight provider (lift gate needed). Let me know if you have questions or interest - feel free to reply here, or email me directly at sam.ley@....

Emco 120P CNC lathe, in a very clean, mostly-working condition. The lathe had a failed control system, and is now 80% of the way through a conversion to a modern control package, including new electronics, motor drives, stepper drives, and MESA interface.


The Emco Turn 120P is a CNC lathe from the Austrian Emco company. It is designed for work pieces 3" x 5", and has a pneumatic collet and pneumatic tailstock, as well as an 8 tool motorized turret. The lathe has a number of nice features, including an encoder on the spindle for threading operations and other precision maneuvers, an automatic oiler for the ways, and a coolant tray system. This particular model was built in 1991.

This lathe is in great mechanical condition, with low wear on major components. It was in storage with a failed control system which I disassembled and parted out. I built a new electronics package, mounted shelves and monitor racks, and installed new stepper motors with Gecko drivers and a WEG AC induction motor that is easier to control than the original four-quadrant DC motor (though the original motor is included!).

I got most of the way through the conversion to EMC control using MESA interface boards, when I realized I did not really need this lathe, and had other projects that needed my energy. At the time I stopped, I had control over the spindle motor, the encoder and the way steppers.

Includes extensive accessories and parts - I'll include everything I had acquired for the conversion, including all my notes with pinouts and control details, manuals, spares, etc. The original control package is long gone, but the Siemens DC four quadrant motor is included.

It is currently wired for 208V three phase, though the VFD motor drive can be rewired for 240V split phase if desired.

  • Emco 120P lathe
  • Dell PC and monitor for EMC Linux
  • WEG AC induction motor
  • Fuji AF300 VFD
  • Gecko 201X stepper drivers
  • NEMA 30 stepper motors (similar power to the original)
  • MESA 7176 interface card
  • Original Siemens DC motor
  • The metal back panel that most people lose
Included Accessories:
  • Set of 5C collets
  • Metal filing cabinets mounted under the lathe (very handy)
  • Various spare fuses, fuse holders and electronic bits
  • ShuttlePro USB device
  • Power supplies and other parts