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Hi all , Is there a crt conversion to lcd ?

Emgee Radian

Easy to pick up a used security system video display unit, even a 10" screen will show 10 lines of program code.



did you get a solution to this?


I use (C5 & F1) a cheap (ebay) composite video -> VGA converter to connect a spare LCD monitor.


hmmm. tried that but no picture. can it be connected straight to a yellow video input on a tv? I tried a video to scary adapter but that didn't work On Mon, 24  

On Mon, 24 Sep 2018 at 14:52, J G <jack.d@...> wrote:
I use (C5 & F1) a cheap (ebay) composite video -> VGA converter to connect a spare LCD monitor.


Yes, best to try it out initially direct to a display with a composite video-in. These are typically yellow "phono" connectors. Very broadly speaking - you can usually get away with plugging it in a wrong phono connector. I've never yet damaged a vid output by doing this.
In my experience, SCART to phono leads tend to be confusingly labelled - esp regarding "in" and "out" . Best to check pin connections first with a meter if pos.
The "TV" or whatever often switches to the relevant input on detecting a signal but you may have to select it via the menus.
If no joy, then check the cable from the EMCO is actually connected correctly  to the Serial port/Video card. Ideally, checking the RS232 works will give confidence that this board is ok. The composite video is the X55 output directly off the board rather than the shiny metal modulator box.
Obviously you have to have the back off to do this - careful not to disturb other connections and EXTREME CARE not to touch any of the exposed mains power conductors if you decide to connect the unit to the mains with the back off !
When using the converter I found I had to press just about every button on it  (chinese english  instructions 8¬(  )  to eventually get an image. Even then it is tricky to get  nice sharp image and to get the whole image on the screen !   I keep meaning to arrange to power the converter from the EMCO internal PSU.

Here is a pic of the box I use, FWIW -