CNC5 beginner fault/questions! #a6a112001


Hello everyone, 
I'm now a proud owner of a Compact 5 CNC MK4 (unfortunately without Toolchanger) 😊

I'm testing right now.... 
I use MFI at the moment and have some questions... 

I wrote a simple programm in MFI:

00: G92 X00 Z1000
01: M03
02: G00 X2000 Z100
03: M30

If I send this via MFI, on my EMCO screen always stands:

00: M00 X-00

What's wrong?

An another question:
If I move the axis in Hand-Mode for example X=100 Z=2000 an I press the H/C button to input my CNC-Program (by Hand), put in my code an switch back with H/C, all axis are 0 (X0 Z0) is this normal? 
When I put a G90 in Set 00 and the Display shows "Absolute" the same thing happening.. . 
Is this a bug or a feature :-) 

When I type the program above by hand it always put the axis to 0,0 by the end of the program. Same with G92 - is this Normal? 

Please help me and sorry for my bad English :-) 



Have anyone an idea for this fault:

If I send a programm with MFI to my EMCO - on my screen always stands:

00: M00 X-00

What's wrong?


Hallo Felix,

You must use the correct format for the C5-CNC, this machine doesn't use the standard ISO syntax.

Download the user-manual and you have all the instructions needed and look on the web, there many examples.

An example of code:

N` G` X ` Z ` F` H
00 92 2700 100
02 00 2310 110
03 01 2310 - 3790 150
04 01 2500 - 3790 150
05 01 2642 - 3719 150
06 00 2642 110
07 00 2118 110



Hi Felix,
I hope you had some time to learn this machine. We have these at our school and I am familiar with the programming and operation.

Dieter is correct about the program formatting. If you don't use the Emco software to program, you can just use an editor and send it over serially. Typically, everything is in a column (N  G  X  Z  F  H). The "G" is assumed unless you place an "M" in first, i.e. "M03". Also in the program, the decimal is dropped, so 2.250 becomes 2250.

In 'Hand' mode, the axis/jog buttons are incremental. I use this to touch off on a part, zero the registers and move to my program zero.These machines have no Machine Zero. When in hand mode and you move the tool, toggle to CNC mode, then back to hand mode, this sets all axis back to zero. The last line of my program is to rapid back to 0,0. then I am ready to insert a new blank and run the next piece.

If you have more questions, I'd be happy to answer.