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Tony Schalburg <tonyschalburg@...>

Hi Doug
I can open the file, and Read it
Will try print it and punch it in, and see what Will happen. 
Thank you

På ons., den 23. okt. 2019 klokken 4:26, Doug Wilson
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Let me know if you can open this file.  I don’t remember if this the original or after I took out the FMS robot stuff.


Also have some notes that I will send in separate email.





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Hi Doug


that would be nice, if you sould help me with the printed version.

im very much familiar ,on how to enter the MSD manually

I have ,beside the VMC100, an emcoturn120p and a compact 6P and another VMC100,retrofitted

i just love those old emco machines


where in the world are you located?


by the way, im also looking for the optical scope for the lathe Image removed by sender. Humørikon


kind regards



Den tirsdag den 22. oktober 2019 08.02.16 CEST skrev Doug Wilson <calmissile@...>:





You might be in luck.  Let me know in a couple weeks if no one provides you the data.

I am parting out a VMC100/TM02 as I have time available.  I went out into the shop and looked through the file cabinets and found that I have all the manuals for the VMC100 and TM02.  As I recall, the TM02 was a pain in the ass and it took me a long time to get it running.  I was so happy to replace it with a PC Mill 100 and PC /Turn 120.


My TM02 controllers that ran the VMC100 and Turn 120 were configured as a FMS(?) machine and had a robot and long linear slide that went between the machines.  It also has the pneumatic  chuck and tailstock along with automatic door and other stuff.  I am not sure my MSD files are going to work for you without modification due to all the bells and whistles that were integrated into the machine.


I found an old magnetic tape cartridge that is labeled “VMC100 MSD Data, All Programs”.  It’s been years since I used it.  I do remember that the tape drives were a problem and if you don’t have a good tape drive you can eat the tape and destroy it.  Make sure you have a good tape drive that works on spare tapes before using it for a MSD tape.


I also found a printer output that I labeled “MSD Dump VMC100”.  It is barely readable even when I first printed it.  For some reason the most of the printing is very faint except for some headers that have only one letter such as D and some others which are bold.  I could take the printed pages to work and crank up the contrast on the copier and see if I can darken the print so you can read it.  If so, I can then scan it and send the file to you.  The dump looks like it has a header character and then lists a single digit or set of digits per line.  Some lines have values in them but most are zeros.  You will have to figure out how to enter the data, it’s been too many years for my old brain to remember.


Let me know if someone has a simpler solution for you.