Decode EMCO WinNC signals with PappachanNC


Hi All,

I found a short text about a research paper where a guy decoded the EMCO TCP signals.

The network protocol used in communication was identified as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). To achieve a deeper level of integration, the data packets sent by the WinNC program was investigated and a method was developed to purposely manage the communication between the CNC and programming station. The result of this research is a program called "PappachanNC", which is capable of generating tool-paths for machining some of the STEP-NC features, e.g. planar_face, closed_pocket and round_hole. PappachanNC is capable of connecting to EMCO Concept Mill 105, engaging the drivers, referencing, Jogging the machine and creating and sending axis locations from the details provided. It can create a program similar to the G-code program, with which a part can be machined.   

This sounds very interesting, but I can not find any other reference to this guy.

Anyone knows more? 

I Want to apply this on my Concept Mill 105