A360 Group Info for CAD sharing.


Well, I started an A360 group (Fusion 360), but you don't have to be a Fusion 360 user to get access.  You can create a free A360 account and download the CAD files in a variety of formats.  I started this on the Taig FB and Yahoo group, then added Sherline folks and also added my Emco FB group too.  Now I am offering it to any of you.  I can't see posting my files in so many locations, just too big a PITA, especially when I update them.  But just email me, pretty sure this shares my email and give me your A360 email.  I'll be happy to add anyone who wishes.  Just have two rule.  No modifying original files, always download to your own folder and no selling other folks work without posted permission from the owner.

Anyway, I posted some of my starting build pics here.  But I tweak my CAD files too much to update them here, on the Emco Facebook group and A360.  Cost nothing to join it.

FYI, I do appreciate the stuff folks have already posted here.  Found some great manuals and information.  But I did already make up the CAD file for both Z and X stepper mounts for the PC Turn 55 and also a new motor mount that fits like a hub in the original motor mount to replace with a Consew CSM1000 3/4HP brushless DC servo motor.  All in the A360 group.