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How come we are not seeing a link to messages or the last messages
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Hi Folks
I have uploaded the 2.8 software and a copy of my instruction manual.
The manual is not a pretty thing but it works, it is in word format.
My manual is earlier than 2.8 and some things in the software are not
mentioned, but it all we seem to have available at the moment.
If anyone feels inclined to convert it to pdf so it can be read by
folks who do not have word that is fine by me.
Alternatively people can download the free Open Office software which
works with word documents.
I hope we can also create some sort of short document which can help a
newcomer to get up and running easily.

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Hello: To All

afn09556 <afn09556@...>

TO, All:

This is my first Group.

The primary resion for this Group is to provide added space for Emco
CNC User's as there is a file space issue on emcocompact5users group.

At this time it is Unlisted but open to All.

This means, It's Moderated by the user's at this Time.
Hope it all go's Well, will see.

Please keep your comment's on topic, as Inapropate Content and Conduct
will be Removed and Member's Band from this Group.

I have several comp. 5 cnc's and a fairley large assortment of other
older cnc equipment.

I'am working on retrofit's using Mach3 software.

Enjoy, Chip