Emco Compact 5 Carbide Tooling


Hi all,

In the near future, I want to buy an Emco C5 CNC Lathe (maybe I will
get one as an Xmas present - I hope SWMBO sees this post !!)

I have been looking at what has been on offer from various sources and
prices / condition, I am still looking at the present time for a nice
lathe located in the UK

I saw some tooling on eBay.com and was wondering if anyone is using
these carbide type insert tools as they seem a little different from
the standard square shank replaceable insert tools that are available
from various engineering suppliers, they come with some sort of wedge
for setting centre height and an indexing facility via a pin 'stop'
Here is the ebay link: http://snipurl.com/EMCO_Compact5_Tools

Are these tools the same as the original Emco tools that would have
been supplied with the Lathe by Emco when it was new many years ago ?

Thanks in advance for any help or info, I look forward to hearing from


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