Re: Software for Compact 5 PC

David Rabenius

  Threading & arcs are no problem on this lathe. Download the software form the files section and use the printer cable to your laptop, USB wasnt popular then, got to remember these machines were designed in the early 90's and there was only 2 software upgrades, 2.8 being the last one before this lathe was discontinued in 1997.
  I thread with my lathe frequently and it does well once you learn how to do it.

nikko2one wrote:
Hi, everyone!
I've recently bought a Compact 5PC, probably a mark 2 or 3 (it has
about 16 G-codes or so...).- But without software, and acc. to EMCO in
sweden, it is not possible to get the software anymore.
The lathe is in good condition, and i think it could work fine!
Do anyone have any recommendations on how to get this work, and how?
I know about Welsoft, but think it's too expensive, so far.
If possible it would be nice to operate the lathe from a labtop by
USB, but think it would be a problem.
I'm used to run commercial cnc machines, and just need a
simple "professional" interface.
- I would really appreciate if you could give some advise to that!
Best regards Nik

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