Software for Compact 5 PC

nikko2one <nikko2one@...>

Hi everybody :-)
- yes it's true; i'm a little embarassed. After my last posting
here, I've realized that there was the "Files"-section with some
software in.
- BUT still: I agree with Nigel... -It would be very helpful if
there was a general introduction to people like me, who finds a
compact 5, but don't have any knowlegde or other information on how
it is intended to work. - Information like: How do I set it up,
which software and platform do i need, is there any alternatives,
differentiation between models (ex. in features), other advices,
and so on...
So far I've realized that i might need a DOS platform to use the
software on, and hope i'm right on that.
-But if you have any suggestions or advices, I would be very pleased
to hear from you.
The maschine I've found has 16 G-codes ( a manual sheet that
followed the maschine), is in very good condition, and seems to vork
just fine. (But has not been able to connect it yet...)
I hope to be able to make arcs and L/R threading on it. -Is it
Best regards to you all! Nik :-)

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