Software for Compact 5 PC

nikko2one <nikko2one@...>

Hi, everyone!
I've recently bought a Compact 5PC, probably a mark 2 or 3 (it has
about 16 G-codes or so...).- But without software, and acc. to EMCO in
sweden, it is not possible to get the software anymore.
The lathe is in good condition, and i think it could work fine!
Do anyone have any recommendations on how to get this work, and how?
I know about Welsoft, but think it's too expensive, so far.
If possible it would be nice to operate the lathe from a labtop by
USB, but think it would be a problem.
I'm used to run commercial cnc machines, and just need a
simple "professional" interface.
- I would really appreciate if you could give some advise to that!
Best regards Nik

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